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  •  Secure sites become an important factor in the world of online casinos - As secure sites become an important factor in the world of online casinos, iGGBA has been adding to its members list. iGGBA, which stands for the interactive gaming, gambling and betting association which is an international company concerned with keeping gambling and government connections has announced its newest member Kroopier Technology. Kroopier Technology which is a company that on its own has proven to care the safety and security of online players is delighted to take part in the security of the online casino world.
  • Online casinos are a growing market - It has been announced that skill games application to online casinos is the next thing to hit the market. Reports about survey results showing people’s interest in skill games has produced remarkable results and the online casinos players are hungry for these games.
  • The Annual Reader’s Choice Awards has Online Casinos Anxious - Gambling Online Magazine’s “Annual Readers Choice Awards” is said to be like the Oscars of the online casinos world. In a place where online casinos get rated and discussed, standards of the gambling world are made. Online casinos and the gaming industry in genera wait for these awards in order to see where people have placed their industry. The place that a company gets to in the Readers Choice Awards often determines what the success of the company will be for the near future.
  • New Technological Graphics Enter Online Casino - Online casinos are always trying to keep their competitive advantage by making innovative games that will keep their players interested. Microgaming has just developed new games for online casinos and they include new video slots, the availability to play the classical casino favorite game of “Casino War” and a 50 Play Power Poker Game. Online casinos players are sure to be ecstatic with this new innovation that will make their online playing even better.
  • Spin3 teams up with MicroGaming to launch mobile casino - Spin3(TM), the leading innovator in mobile casino systems, in partnership with Microgaming, the leading developer of e-gaming solutions, announces the launch of the first complete mobile casino system. By utilizing the Spin3 wireless casino system, casino operators, mobile network providers and any company with an internet presence can now offer a trusted and secure mobile casino via a large selection of mobile phones and other wireless devices.
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